About Wishlisting.org

Wishlisting.org will allow your charity to list specific items that you or your clients need, and donors can contribute directly towards them. It is currently under development.

The people behind Wishlisting.org

Development of wishlisting.org is being led by these companies and organizations, and is being developed for free as a learning exercise at Agile software development conferences around the U.S.

AgilityFeat.com, building software for startups! Lithespeed Agile Training and Coaching Beyond Requirements

Dare To Be Lean workshop for startups, held on the beach in Costa Rica

Wishlisting.org is a "real" site taking donations for real charities, and is maintained by AgilityFeat. For inquiries, please contact Arin@AgilityFeat.com or +1.434.996.5226.

Support our beta client!

We are running a beta of Wishlisting.org with the Albemarle Housing Improvement Program, which is a great organization providing home repairs to distressed families so they can stay in their homes. Want to help? Make a Donation! Albemarle Housing Improvement Program